Ultrasound and Shockwave Therapy

Barwon Equine possesses several ultrasound machines. Ultrasound is a superior method of visualising soft tissue injury and assessing reproductive function.

Our veterinarians are experienced in the ultrasound examination of tendons, along with the injection of therapies such as PRP (platelet rich plasma) or stem cells into core lesions of the tendon where appropriate.

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Ultrasound is also utilised at the clinic in the work up of lung pathology, colics, urinary tract issues (e.g. bladder stones, ruptured bladders in foals), umbilical infections in neonates, eye disease and undifferentiated body swellings (e.g. haematomas, abscesses, neoplasia).

It goes without saying that ultrasound is one of the mainstays in our reproductive work, allowing us to determine not only pregnancy in mares, but also the ideal time for breeding in relation to ovulation and the presence of any ovarian or uterine abnormalities. We have veterinarians experienced in ultrasound-guided manual reduction of twin pregnancies.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a procedure that uses very high energy, focused energy waves (pulses) to stimulate tissue turnover, new blood vessel formation and enhance healing. ESWT is usually used for the treatment of bone and ligament injuries. Shock waves can help in tissue regeneration by causing “micro-trauma” which stimulates an increased rate of new blood vessel development and therefore allows better delivery of the elements required for healing. It has also been shown to potentially increase bone turnover as well as having a short to medium term analgesic (pain-killing) effect.

ESWT has been effective in treating high suspensory desmitis, sesamoiditis, navicular syndrome, back and sacroiliac pain and typically involves three treatments at two week intervals. The procedure is quick, safe and minimally invasive. It is usually performed under standing sedation only and as the equipment is completely mobile can in many cases be performed in an ambulatory capacity at your property.