Pre-purchase Examinations

BEH vets are very experienced in performing pre-purchase examinations for a range of disciplines and for export.

We offer the thorough clinical and lameness examination as outlined by the Australian Equine Veterinary Association. A written report accompanies this examination and a full range of extra tests are available such as x-rays, endoscopy and drug testing.

For those in the racing industry, we can also assess young thoroughbreds and standardbreds for their suitability to syndicate.

If you would like any information on a pre purchase please phone the office on (03) 5248 8899.

Pre-Purchase Terms and Conditions

Please be aware when completing your pre-purchase that it may take 24-48 hours to finalise the report. All efforts are made to do so within 24 hours of the examination, however the vet may have to fit completing the report in around other consultations and on call obligations. We also need time to assess any radiographs in optimal conditions i.e. in a dark office with the appropriate software to make measurements etc. Second opinions may be sought on radiographs; this can sometimes take 1-3 days to receive a reply from consulting colleagues.

Please note that if blood screening for medication is required, it may take 4-5 days for us to order and receive the appropriate sampling kit. The cost of this kit must be paid for in advance.

Please note that dental and ophthalmic examinations are rudimentary, if a more extensive exam is required then we recommend referral to a specialist in the field.

The report is intended for the sole use of the purchaser and is valid on the day of examination only. The suitability of the animal for the purpose intended is a business judgment that is solely the responsibility of the buyer. He or she should make this decision on the basis of all factors considered.

The pre purchase examination is not intended as a warranty or insurance policy, and the purchaser is encouraged to consider mortality and/or loss of use insurance for this purpose.

Opinions on clinical findings and diagnostic aids (such as radiographs) may vary between veterinarians, as will the relationship between these findings, the horse’s history, age, and intended use. The purchaser is welcome to have the report and or radiographs and or other information forwarded to a veterinarian or veterinarians of their choice for further opinions. We offer and encourage the option of having the radiographs read by a consulting radiologist (please note this may incur an additional fee, depending on the specialist involved).

If the buyer wishes to obtain a warranty covering such matters as height, freedom from vices, temperament, the non-administration of drugs prior to the examination, or the animal’s existing performance – he or she is advised to seek such warranty from the vendor, as these matters are not the responsibility of the examining veterinarian.