We offer a full ambulatory and clinic service during our business hours of 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours we always have a vet available for emergency calls. We encourage clients to float horses into us for examination or procedures as often as possible. This saves on your costs but also ensures we have all facilities and equipment on hand in order to fully assess your horse’s problem and perform diagnostics as required. Many of our clients work and often drop horse’s off early in the morning have them examined during the day and then picked up at their convenience after work.

Services offered:

  • Digital radiology (X-rays) state of the art technology for use with lameness and prepurchase and yearling sales x-ray sets
  • Ultrasound: 4 machines for scanning tendons, mares for follicle checks and pregnancy testing, any other soft tissue problems
  • Endoscopy: for “scoping” the respiratory tract, urinary and reproductive tract for all purposes. We do have access to a stomach scope in order to diagnose stomach ulcers and can arrange this as required
  • Lameness evaluations
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Medicine: Including but not limited to ophthalmology, dermatology, nutritional advise, neonatal medicine and endocrine diseases.
  • Surgery: Routine geldings and cryptorchids(rigs), soft tissue surgery, minor bone surgery, joint and tendon sheath flushes, wound care, eye procedures are performed in our clinic. We do have visiting specialist surgeons who can perform more specialised surgery at our clinic or we can refer to specialist centres for more complex procedures.
  • Pre-purchase Examinations: Performed regularly in the clinic or on your property.
  • Microchipping, vaccinations and certifications