General Information

Advice is always available over the phone from one of our experienced nurses. If you are not sure if a veterinarian is required or are after general advice please call our office on (03) 5248 8899.

Operating and Appointment Protocol

VetPay and Insurance Information

Equine Health Articles

Below are a number of articles written by the staff at Barwon Equine Hospital detailing some important information about general equine health.


Pregnancy loss in the mare

Retained foetal membranes and metritis

Examining a newborn foal

Normal foaling


Penetrating injuries to the foot

Palmer Hoof Pain

Pedal Bone Fractures

Side Bone 

Vaccination protocols


If you are interested in a copy of any of these articles please contact us at the clinic.

Seminars and Talks
We have organised numerous seminars and talks on various topics for clients and the general public. We can organise seminars for specific groups, pony clubs or breed societies on requested topics. We often have guest speakers who are specialists in the subject of the seminar presenting alongside our vets. If there are any topics you would be interested in us covering please contact us and we can aim to cover them in the future.