Barwon Equine Hospital is a 4 vet Equine Practice. We are situated in Moolap on 5 acres. Here, we have built a hospital with outdoor facilities including safe post & rail day yards and sand round yard. These are used for less intensive hospital cases, day stay horses and lameness evaluations. We are open from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and provide a 24/7 emergency service at all other times. (See the appointment and operating protocol page for further details).

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Inside the hospital are rubber boxes for horses, including large boxes catering for mares with foals. Others are set up specifically for more intensive hospital cases, such as those in need of constant IV fluids, or post surgery cases.

The main shed contains the office, horse examination crush, padded surgery and recovery box, a dark area suitable for x-ray and ultrasound, stables and electronic scales.

These electronic scales are available for clients at any time to monitor their horse’s weight and also for us to accurately measure drug doses.

The second barn contains our mare and foal crush that is mostly used for reproductive procedures, for example artificial insemination, pregnancy testing and caslicking. This barn also has boxes and, where necessary, can be used to isolate colts or sicker patients that may be infectious.

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Our vets have diverse areas of interest ranging from reproduction to performance horse medicine and lameness. Our veterinarians attend conferences all over the world to keep updated on the latest developments in equine medicine and surgery in order to offer the most up to date treatment options for our clients.